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5 Pistol Pete's men's underwear to be considered for higher comfort

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Pistol Pete, a cutting-edge brand for men which permits wearers to feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Although the brand is sexy and focuses on selling men's sexy underwear that doesn't mean they sell sex. Pistol Pete's underwear styles make you feel proud of your body shape and encourage you to embrace it with pride. 

Speaking about the brand, Pistol Pete is Miami based underwear brand which sold throughout the entire planet. The brand is available in different shops as well as websites throughout the world. They do have their own official website, on which they offer limited edition and exclusive items. 

Now, the styles of male underwear that you can think of or consider for higher comfort are listed below. Moreover, these styles offer you the right amount of stretch and support and are stylish as well.

Style 1: Pistol Pete PPE017 Full Open Jock

Pistol Pete introduces you to the stylish and revealing design which is unique and focuses on offering the best look. Further, in the front, you can spot a dual-color design with one color over the other giving it an unusual design. Moreover, this mens sexy underwear offers you some sexy blunt cuts at the front as well as the back. Because of the front cut, your genitals get good coverage to an extends revealing your masculine thighs to glance upon. 

Pistol Pete PPE017 Full Open Jock

Pistol Pete's Full Open Jockstrap for men provides a nice exposure to your buttocks in a way that all you will get is appreciation. Furthermore, the fabric used in designing this style is built with smart technology that is dedicated to offering the most premium experience to your customer.

Style 2: Pistol Pete PPG023 Wave Trunk

This Pistol Pete underwear is designed with a fabric of net-like mesh which offers you great ventilation due to which your precious jewels feel great. Furthermore, this pair of male trunks absorbs the sweat and keeps you safe from all sorts of skin infections.

This pair of the trunk is available majorly in natural deep colors which gives the wearer the freedom to shop according to his preferences. Another reason to feel great and comfortable in the style is because of the mesh fabric in it.

Pistol Pete PPG023 Wave Trunk

This pair of male underwear is appropriate for those men who feel shy as the style provides you complete coverage and makes your buttocks look bouncy. Hence, there is no question about swinging around. One great thing which we love the most about the style is, its crafting style. This pair of underwear molds itself as per your hefty and masculine assets. Furthermore, the pouch in the front gives a nice hold to your genitals. In addition to the natural position of the opaque and thick fabric, it has a net-like braid throughout. So add this suitcase to your wardrobe and treat yourself.

Style 3: Pistol Pete PPJ025 Deluxe Bikini Brief

82.45% Polyamide and 17.55% Spandex, do we need to mention that "Pistol Pete's Deluxe Bikini Brief" is a comfortable pair. The fabric composition used in this style makes it ultra stretchable and flexible.

Pistol Pete PPJ025 Deluxe Bikini Brief

This pair of Bikini briefs come with another incredible fabric, mesh, that has been used at the back. And to enhance the look from the back, designers have utilized contrast-colored piping. The snug fit makes your butt look bouncy and plumper. The broad waistband gives a nice hold over your waist.

Style 4: Pistol Pete PPE027 Cock Jock

Sometimes to achieve something you need to come over your comfort zone. With this saying, we don't mean that you should give less preference to your comfort level. But if you find a style that is slightly more exposed than your usual pairs of underwear, you must give it a try. Just like Pistol Pete Cock Jock underwear.

Pistol Pete PPE027 Cock Jock

This pair of men's jockstrap underwear is similar to your other jockstrap pairs. The element that makes this style look different is the way elastic straps have been attached to it. Just like any other pair of a male jockstrap, it comes with a pouch and a broad waistband. Moreover, to enhance the comfort factor, designers have used cotton and spandex.

Style 5: Pistol Pete PPJ023 Exhibit Brief

Pistol Pete's Exhibit Brief underwear is another great style to consider, when in search of comfortable styles of mens underwear.

Pistol Pete PPJ023 Exhibit Brief

Though the style is simple, but the sheer fabric used in it makes it look different. Moreover, the sheer fabric used in it gives great exposure and ventilation to your jewels. Viscose-Polyamide-Spandex is the fabric composition used in this male underwear to enhance its efficiency.

Have you tried any? If yes, do let us know your experience. 

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