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Why men should wear bodysuits on Christmas?

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Bodysuits for men? I know most of you must be surprised because till now all you know is bodysuits are made only for women. Bodysuits may be perfect for men who are looking for comfort, style, and convenience in just one piece of clothing. Moreover, this single piece beautifully flatters your physique and layer easily and this is what makes it perfect for any weather. This style of male underwear can be worn under a sweater or jacket. Women do this, so can you. 

This Christmas give bodysuits a chance. Trust me, you will fall in love with that.

How to look for the right pair of bodysuits?

Look for a bodysuit that's comfortable and flatters your feature

The bodysuit is one type of men's underwear and you shop from Pistol Pete. Pistol Pete offers sensual types of bodysuits which most of you might not feel comfortable with. Hence, ensure that that style you are picking for yourself is comfortable for you because such styles of male underwear, if not worn in the right size and confidently, can look bad on you.

Pistol Pete PPV001 Bodysuit

To look for a bodysuit, ensure that the pair which you have picked up for yourself is flattering that part of your body that you want to highlight.

Pistol Pete bodysuits

Pistol Pete Bodysuits are perfect for Christmas as they come with the most sext and erotic look. This sexy designer bodysuit for men gets a pouch that covers your genitals very well and gives your male genitals the right support. Further, the bodysuit prevents your male genitals from dangling.

Speaking about the fabric, it is built with a porous net-like mesh offering a sneak peek at your assets which makes things exciting for your partner. Henceforth, wearing them on Christmas night would be a smart idea. 

The best thing about this style is even though the silhouette is revealing and appears like a delicate style yet you won't find a single reason to feel uncomfortable while moving. It fits you perfectly, thanks to the polyamide and spandex fabric composition. Furthermore, talking about the silhouette, the fabric which covers your favorite part goes around your neck and while going towards your chest, the fabric narrows down. Moreover, the fabric moves all the to the back giving proper coverage to your buttocks and even enhancing the shape of your buttocks.

Pistol Pete PPV002 Bodysuit

Pistol Pete PPV002 Bodysuit

Another incredible pair of Bodysuits by Pistol Pete is Pistol Pete PPV002 Bodysuit. This sexy male underwear embraces every feature of your body. Furthermore, this pair comes with see-through fabric which not only offers your immense breathability but reveals your sexy as well as masculine assets.

Hence celebrating Christmas in bodysuits is a great idea. However, there are men who don't feel comfortable in such sexy male underwear hence you can try some of Pistol Pete's best sellers. Thank me later.

Pistol Pete's: Best Sellers

Pistol Pete PPE018 Race Day Jock

Pistol Pete Race Day Jock is a style that is appropriate for men who look for an opportunity to show off what they got. This sexy male underwear covers your male genitals and prevents them from dangling around. Furthermore, the usual straps in this make male underwear make your buttocks look so good that it becomes impossible to take your eyes off. 

Pistol Pete PPE018 Race Day Jock

Pistol Pete PPE017 Full Open Jock

If you are looking for a stylish and revealing pair of underwear that makes you look confident. This men's jockstrap is a one-of-a-kind design that focuses on giving you the best appearance. A dual-color design on the front, with one color over the other, creates an interesting design. This men's designer jockstrap features beautiful blunt slashes in the front and back. The front cut is designed to protect your genitals up to a point, allowing you to see your macho thighs.

Pistol Pete PPJ014 Line Bikini

This gorgeous bikini for guys is made with all the goodness of Polyamide and Spandex and is dedicated to giving you the pleasure of a lifetime. This men's bikini, which is made of two different fabrics, will offer your assets the support they need and keep them in their natural places.

Pistol Pete PPJ014 Line Bikini


To begin, you'll receive a durable fabric that holds your genitals in place while allowing them to extend in any setting. Then there's the see-through fabric on the sides, which enhances one's sex appeal and makes them appear sexier.

Pistol Pete PPE002 Jockstrap

PISTOL PETE provides this beautiful jockstrap for men with a sizzling sexual design. This men's fashion jockstrap gives you the best view of your front tool and spice things up a little more than you might imagine. This sultry men's jockstrap features an intriguing pouch that covers your genitals. Its design features two common rings on the side that hold the pouch and straps in place while also providing your area a compact appearance.

Pistol Pete is offering $10 Off on Orders of $100, make sure you use code: XMAS10. The Christmas Sale is valid till 28-Dec. Pistol Pete's is offering Christmas Sale and upto 60% Off on different underwear styles for men. Being a new customer, you can use a first-time coupon: NEWPISTOL


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