Men's Briefs

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Briefs for Men

The brief underwear of Pistol Pete is for the guys who are comfortable showing some skin down there. The slick style and bold shades of the undies can just express your personality in the best possible way. The natural enhancement can bring the attention to yourself even when have your clothes on. The seamless style and skimpy cut can project your sensuality over the top. The underneath article manages to keep it subtle and sophisticated, so that, anyone can pull it off without revealing much skin.

The old-school cut takes inspiration from the contemporary style of men’s underwear. The pouch is made with a soft, right out of the box, poly fabric. The material is a superb combo of nylon, rayon, polyester and other high end microfiber that keeps the breeze flowing in and wicks away the moisture. In addition to it, the blend of spandex, LYCRA in the fabric allows four way stretch. The pouch provides support plus stretch and lift where you need it. The anatomical construction can help redefine your manhood. Despite being lightweight, the fabric doesn’t stretch out. Some of the products are even made of the outrageously revealing sheer and mesh fabric. Adding an extra flair of sensuality, the sexy men’s brief provides additional comfort and breathability.

The most impressive feature of the underwear is how well the fabric hugs you. Instead of squashing and sticking, the underneath article sits on your manhood and holds your curves snugly. Not only this, the pouch protrudes outward and keeps the anatomy away from the body. Thus, it regulates the body temperature and reduces sweat secretion. The contemporary style, jazzy color options and luxurious finishing of Pistol Pete can appeal the taste bud of every man around. The incredible see-through patterns provides an edgy touch, but the overall feel is masculine.

Find your piece and spike up your underwear collection.