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The Modern Style Guide About Pistol Pete Thongs

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It is good to style everything according to the season, the holiday, the occasion, etc. People never forget to style their home, their appearance, and other stuff so why does your male underwear stay behind? It is the most essential attire that you wear every day so why not style them in a way that you look simply amazing.

The most fashionable variant to style yourself is men's thong underwear. From offering you various benefits to providing you the freedom to enjoy your time without worries, it acts as your perfect partner.

You can wear them to the beaches, to the pools, to the parties, or while enjoying your time alone at home.

You just have to choose men's thongs once and you'll be blessed to have bought something like this. It looks modern as well as helps you to stay comfortable every time.

Pistol Pete PPE029 Elite Jock

One of the best brands to shop for men's thong underwear is Pistol Pete. There are a lot of customers who find their satisfaction while stepping in the pair of Pistol Pete thongs. This brand never makes you regret your decision. Make sure you choose the correct size and there will be no space for second thoughts.

You can check the collection of men's thong underwear at Pistol Pete and you'll be delighted to buy more from it. The brand is available in other shops as well as you can check the variants on its own website

Now that you know where you can get your perfect pair of male thongs, here are the tips are given below to let you know how to style them in your daily life.

They are the pair that can look best on you no matter which outfit you combine them with. Make sure to follow the tips once and you'll notice the change it does to your personality.


1. Pair Them With Your Favorite Pants 

Everyone has favorites and that's where the secret of your confidence lies. Just like the attire becomes a favorite because it offers you comfort, your pair of men's thong underwear can be your perfect companion once you experience support down there.

Pistol Pete PPJ026 Clint Bikini Brief

Pair them up with your favorite attire and you'll feel the amazing feeling of joy from inside.


2. Wear Them When You Want to Spend Time With Your Partner

Men's thongs are known as the perfect variant once you want a seductive appearance. They enhance the temperature of the room to make things go smoothly.

Pistol Pete PPG023 Wave Trunk

You just have to slip in your pair and you'll enjoy your time without any worries. A male thong can attract all the attention down there and makes your partner want more of you.


3. Wear Them With Your See-Through Lowers

If you want a stylish appearance without directly showing your underneath fashion then you can pair your men's thongs with a see-through lower. This will partially reveal your undies while hiding some part for the surprise.

Pistol Pete PPJ025 Deluxe Bikini Brief

This is the modern trend and you'll get the enhanced fashion statement once you try it.


4. Pair Them With Your Tight Pants

Tight pants give a glimpse of your undies and pairing them with your men's thong underwear will be a clever match. It does not offer absurd underwear lines but once you will want to reveal your curves male thong won't leave the space for embarrassment. Hence, you can pair this variant with your formal pants or anything that fits tightly.

Pistol Pete PPK003 Just the tip Thong

Hence, you can follow these modern styling trends to get an alluring look. So what more are you waiting for? Buy your pair today from Pistol Pete.



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