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How Are Mens Jockstraps Underwear Different From Mens Thongs?

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You must be looking for some mens sexy underwear, then. Perhaps you have a hot date lined up, and you want to present him with a unique Miami Jock jockstrap. In today's time, you will be able to find a ginormous number of gay underwear styles to select from. So, when it comes to sexy pieces, there are a few options guys can choose from. In fact, the men's underwear styles that we'll talk about in this blog are mens jockstrap underwear and thongs for men.

So now, the next question is: what makes these two kinds different?

What's the true difference between male thongs and a male jockstrap? That's what we're going to explain in this post. Want to know the difference between the two sexy styles? Let us go forth and check out the styles one at a time below.

The Difference Between Mens Jockstraps Underwear And Thongs

1. Mens Jockstraps Underwear

When it comes to Pistol Pete underwear, the male jockstrap is the most popular option for guys, yet they were created for (and are still used for) sports like cycling. However, you can make use of the style for so many different purposes.

Pistol Pete PPE003 Jockstrap

Typically, jocks have:

  • A front pouch that serves as general support, lift, and even protection (sometimes).
  • One elastic strap wraps around each leg and connects the front sack to the rear (below the buttocks).
  • Because there is so little fabric across the back, jockstraps are incredibly ventilated, which is why they are also used for sports and, well, you know.
  • Some straps are created with toughened elastic that can assist in pushing your buttocks up and out, giving your backside a slight boost in visibility.

2. Thongs For Men

Men's thongs were always frowned upon, even by homosexual men. However, the year is 2022!

Moreover, we shall wear thongs if we so like! While thongs and jockstraps are quite similar, they differ in the following ways:

  • A thong features a piece of cloth going down the butt crack rather than jock straps connecting the back. Guys who find the elasticized straps on men's jockstraps to be overly constricting or unpleasant typically choose thongs.
  • The little piece of cloth (often triangular) put into the top of the thong around the back is the primary distinction between a jockstrap and a thong. This is primarily for aesthetic purposes more than anything else.
Pistol Pete PPK001 Thong

What Distinguishes A Jock From A Thong, Then?

It's very obvious that there isn't much of a distinction between a thong and a jock because both are created with very little cloth and wrap around your legs, whereas men's thongs go up your rear.

So, here we are!! Pistol Pete features a stunning and sexy collection of mens jockstrap underwear. What are you waiting for? Whether gay or straight, you can choose your favorite option from the website. Check out the options now!

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