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3 Tips About THONG UNDERWEAR You Can't Afford To Miss

Thongs for men is one of the delicate forms of lingerie crafted for male populace so you can't treat it the way you treat your boxer brief, Mens briefs and boxers. This delicate version requires extra care and attention because they are crafted in lightweight and sensitive fabrics that can be easily ruined if taken for granted. 

Well, it's easy to take care of the male thong. it's just a few measures which you need to take care off and the best part is we have mentioned them below so you don't have to do extra hard work to go through the internet and look for them. All you have to do is, follow them religiously.

Pistol Pete TG201-936 Rainbow Thong

1. You can do pushups in thong underwear.

First and the foremost tip for men's thong underwear is that you are allowed to wear thong underwear while doing pushups. Start wearing thong underwear inside your Gym pants or shorts, whichever you prefer wearing while working out. Workout in a male thong because not only it will keep your male package protected from external injury but it will offer you an adequate amount of support.

Male thong will embrace your front as well as back profile hence you will look sexy will doing those pushups. You will also remain sweat-free due to its moisture-wicking fabrics, lack of extra fabric and skinny design.

Pistol Pete PPTG117-215 VINTAGE Thong

2. Stop wearing them while sleeping.

Second and the most important tip which you can't afford to miss is " do not sleep in thongs". Staying naked while working is harmful and staying naked while sleeping is highly beneficial and its time that men should start realizing and following this tip religiously.

When you sleep in the same pair of thong which you have been wearing since morning your male package have to face all that dirt and sweat which is extremely uncomfortable. Not only your boys will feel irritated, but you will also feel uncomfortable but when you choose to sleep without mens underwear you stay protected from fungal and bacterial infections. Also, your manhood will feel free and relaxed and you can have sound as well as healthy sleep.

3. Stop washing your delicate clothing in the washing machine.

If you want to have great moments with PistolPete male thongs then you need to ditch your fully automatic washing machine and switch to hand washing. Also, while washing your delicate thong underwear with hands make sure you do not scrub your male lingerie and wash it with a gentle soap.

Opt for cold and lukewarm water. Once done with cleaning let your men's thong dry under sunlight. When you are opting for air drying and sunlight technique do not place it under direct sunlight instead place your male thong somewhere under the shade where minimal sunlight is received.

Pistol Pete PPTG123-221 CONTENDER Thong

If you are searching for the latest pair of the male thong and that too at an affordable price go and check out They offer all the styles of male lingerie, from boxer brief to men's thong underwear. Check what other underwear models says on it.

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