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Why choose men's bikini underwear by Pistol Pete?

Designed by Pedro Diaz, Pistol Pete Underwear came into existence in the year 1997 and has been one of the favorite names men refer to for their underneath fashion. The men’s underwear brand has made it big in the industry as well as in the hearts of the male population for all the good reasons. Pistol Pete comes across as one of the most stylish and sporty men’s underwear brands because every single pair of men’s sexy underwear boasts support and masculine appeal.

This can also be the moment that we say the same thing about the collection of men’s bikinis underwear by the label. The line of mens bikinis is all about the exotic appeal that doesn’t lose the sporty tag from them and is a visual treat as well.

male bikini

What can the specialties be when it comes to men’s bikini underwear by the label? The label offers a lot of options to choose from and below are the mentioned reasons for which you must own a pair of mens bikinis by the brand.

The form fit designs:

The very aspect that catches your attention is the form-fitted design offered in the collection. Every pair of mens bikinis in the collection is designed to fit you well on the legs as well as on the manhood. This applies to the other men’s underwear styles offered by the brand as well. You get that sporty feel with the form fit design.

Colorful approach:

The next big thing about Pistol Pete is that the products available in the bikinis for men category will cheer you up and your day with the brightest of colors and shades. Well, that doesn’t mean that you will not get blacks and whites because Pistol Pete understands that the wearers love the monochrome shades as well. With hues going all the way from black, white, you’d find pink, purple, yellow, lime, turquoise red and so many more. What’s your favorite color among them?

mens sexy bikini underwear

Contouring pouch:

Putting forward the male anatomy is one of the essential aspects of any men's bikini underwear label and Pistol Pete does it without any effort. Putting the pouch and its visibility as the top priority, every product features a front that aims at keeping masculinity in front and center. Whether you’re looking forward to having pouches that shape up according to the manhood or something that gives a sneak peek at the same, you have it all when it comes to men’s bikini underwear.

The use of various fabrics:

The majority of the mens bikinis in the inventory feature mesh fabric inserts and these sheer underwear for men make sure that no matter what kind of activity you indulge in, there’s always the comfort that your manhood is breathing very well. You can find other base fabrics, as well as that, have their characteristic traits.

Did we miss out on anything else? Do let us know in the comments below the reasons why you love men’s bikini underwear by Pistol Pete so much?

Also, you can seem for men’s jockstrap underwear by Pistol Pete. Their easy go back policies make it a buyer-friendly underwear website. Check out more mens bikini here.

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